jueves, 11 de septiembre de 2014

but he can distort and abuse these ideas if he is not careful.

The minor arcana of the tarot is where you will find the court cards; these cards are the page, knight, queen and king. The court cards embody the meaning and lessons of the suit. They are the end of the suit, and they have been formed and molded from the journey of the rest of these cards. The knight is a particularly interesting card because it experiences a duality. It represents two sides of a trait, and it warns against distortion. This article will discuss the complex meaning of the knight of cups.
The knight of cups is pictured riding a white horse. He carries a golden cup, and he is in full armor. The knight of cups is romantic, creative, sensitive, refined, and introspective, but the knight of cups can distort these emotions into a negative side which is overemotional, foolish, temperamental, over refined, and introverted.

The knight of cups is a romantic person, and he enjoys love. He puts strong emphasis on feelings, and loves the poetry of life. The knight of cups is very romantic, and this may lead to problems because he can become easily jealous, and he is often melodramatic. He is sentimental, but he may forget the important needs of life in exchange for fairy tale ideas. The knight of cups will write you a love song, but he will forget to do the dishes.

This card represents a creative and imaginative soul; he is a visionary and a great story teller. The knight of cups never takes the common path, and he always looks for deeper meanings. The knight of cups is very creative, but he may spend too much time day dreaming. He is also often incapable of taking a realistic approach to life, and he easily lies or distorts the truth.

The knight of cups is a sensitive person who is aware of the moods and feelings of those around him. He is an empathetic soul who people find easy to confide in. The knight of cups can be very polite and diplomatic, and he responds with deep emotion to the world. The knight of cups can also be overly sensitive and prone to mood swings. His strong connection to feeling can cause him severe depression. The knight of cups is also one who easily takes offense, and sulks a lot.

The knight of cups is a refined person who appreciated art and beauty. He loves the fine things, and he is interested in pleasing his sense. He is a gracious and smooth person, but the knight of cups can get overwhelmed by work. He is also inept at facing things that are unpleasant, and he does not like to get his hands dirty.
The knight of cups is an intuitive and introspective person; he sees below the surface of many people, and he puts an emphasis on the inner workings of man. The knight of cups wants to understand the big questions of life, and he seeks to improve himself. The knight of cups may focus so much inwardly that it is harmful. He may be come introverted, and he may avoid outside contact. The knight of cups may also allow is self examination to become a point of depression or stagnancy. He may become so emotionally stuck on his failures that he can not improve.

The knight of cups is a man who enjoys romance, imagination, emotions, the fine things in life, and inner wisdom, but he can distort and abuse these ideas if he is not careful.